DiY Hifi uses unique designed speakers providing a crystal clear full-range sound with maximum efficiency  not like anything seen in Autralia . Inspired by Tom Danley`s (Danley Sound Labs Ltd)  innovative designs we have 4 x Unity Style Horn Mid /tops and 4 x SS15 Tapped Horn Subs. Big Barn doors on the subs increase efficiency even more! Full Fat Audio, C-Audio and Behringer Class D / AB SMPS amps for the best output versus power ratio and of course sound quality.

We use an XTA DP6i as LMSĀ  providing crossover and limiters. Everything is controlled through a Behringer X Air 18 wifi digital mixer, this has Midas developed mic pres and full EQ and dynamics on all the ins & outs , it is a very powerful tool in the smallest package. We also have an analogue option of A&H MizzWiz 16 with full BSS and Lexicon outboard.

Monitoring is provided by  Quest QS350 12″ + 1″ passive or Quest QS300 12″ + 1″ active full range speakers.

All the designs were chosen to provide the best power consumption / SPL for use off-grid but also to be managable by one person. The trailer transports all the equipment and power generator  system making it compact in footprint and less in fuel costs.

The trailer provides a Solar powered generator to give us a steady 240v supply completely off-grid. The Battery bank runs at 48v DC with a large capacity inverter to get us the power we need for the system. We use Solar panels on a tilting roof with 2 extra panels which fold out when the trailer is parked up