We have always strived for the best in quailty versus power consumption for DiY Hifi so the gear list is a bit quirky but caters for this philosophy..


2 x Keystone Tapped Horn Subs loaded with B&C SW115 18″ drivers

4 x 15″Tapped Horn Subs based on the SS15 plan loaded with RCF L15P200AK 15″ drivers.

4 x Unity Horns based on Tom Danleys SH50 designs. We took Toms ideas and turned them into our own take on a full range Unity Horn. 1¬† X RCF ND950 1.4″ compression driver , 4 x Celestion TF0410FR 4″ Mid Drivers , 2¬† Ande LB10a Neo 10″ Low Mid drivers.


1 x FFa 6k amplifier

1 x FFa 4 x 1.0 amplifier
1 x C- Audio Pulse 4 x 300 amplifier
2 x C – Audio Pulse 650 amplifier
1 x Behringer iNuke 6000 amplifier



Behringer Ultradrive

Mixing Consoles

1 x Behringer XAir18 Digital Mixer. With 5ghz Router for wifi link. Android tablet and Windows Surface Pro for control.

1 x Allen & Heath MixWizz 16ch mixer

Outboard Equipment

1 x Lexicon MPX 100

1 x DBX 231 31 Band Graphic Eq
1 x Alto 31 band Graphic Eq
2 x BSS DPR 402 Compressor

Mics & DI`s to Spec. 2 x 16ch multicores

Solar Geekery….

Trailer # 1

6 x 250w 24v Panel

1 x Victron BlueSolar MPPT 100/20

1 x Victron MultiPlusII 5Kva – 48v Inverter

4 x Pylontech US3000c LiPo4 battery

Trailer # 2

2 x EV Power 300amh Li-PO4 12v

1 x Midnite Solar Classic 150

1 x Rich Electronics 3KVa 24v inverter