About DIY

DiY HiFi is run by a collective who came from around the world and met in the Desert in Australia in 2000. There the early ideas of solar , wind & alternative energy were used for the Earthdream 2000 journey.

DiY HiFi brings together the ideals of the collective in a fully off-grid, portable, Solar Sound System which can be the focus of music / visual / speech events. Phil B has been a full time sound engineer for over 20 years providing the ideas and sound know-how,  Richie A  provides the engineering expertise to turn the ideas into wooden & metal reality and Monkey Marc provides the beats and inspiration to drive the project along

We can cater for stages up to 2000 people and can provide a full band / DJ setup to cater for the discerning musician. A background of live / DJ experience in the crew means we know what you are talking about!

We also have a Solar Cinema setup which can utilize the same battery / invertor setup along with full scale projection. We can program your djs and films to match your event. We can run workshops about our solar & wind set ups and how to get more sound for less power. We also can give workshops on wheelie bin / car/ home  12v or more off grid setups.

We bring all our own technicians, set up crew, power and trailers. All you need to do is set aside an area and we will do the rest.

Contact us for more details how we could help setup a fully Off Grid Stage for your event.